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Raised and mostly based in Iowa City, Iowa. 


Mimi landed (or flew) into the circus tent through a serendipitous encounter in 2014 and is a graduate of the Pro-Track Program at Frequent Flyers Aerial Dance in Boulder, Colorado. Upon graduating she was invited to perform with Frequent Flyers Aerial Dance Professional Company where she choreographed, performed and taught aerial dance. Currently, her aerial home is in Coralville, Iowa at National Dance Academy.


A lifelong dedicated movement practitioner, she considers movement her first language and most natural approach of communicating and understanding the world.  After 20 years of practicing movement on the ground, she is now adapted to exploring movement vertically and using body language to articulate stories through the vertical space. She believes in structured  improvisation as the most fluid way to create work.  Her approach as a performer is greatly influenced by twenty years of dance training, classical music training and her background as a yoga practitioner and teacher.  

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