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If you're new to aerial entertainment, welcome!

Please read these guidelines to get familiar with what you and your venue need to know to host an aerial performer.

Basic Venue Requirements

The venue must have a structure that supports a minimum load of 2,000 lbs, such as open steel or wood beams, a truss, or a professionally installed rig point. 

Most acts need a minimum of 16' from the floor to the rigging point and unobstructed radius of 5' around the aerial point. Rigging point of 20' or higher is ideal.

The venue must provide a lift, ladder, or other method to reach the point where aerial equipment will be attached.

I don’t think my venue has any structures for rigging. Is there still a way to have a performance?

Yes! If your event is outdoors or in a large space with at least 18' ceilings, you may be able to arrange for a portable freestanding aerial rig at additional cost. 



What kind of performance can I expect?

Mimi will work with you to figure out the best performance format for your venue, typically ambient or featured/dynamic:


• Ambient sets are slower and less acrobatic in nature than featured aerial acts and can be performed to live music or soundtrack provided by either the artist or client. These sets are perfect eye-catching backdrops for any event and last 15 minutes.


• A featured/dynamic aerial act is set to approximately 5 minutes and choreographed to music Mimi will supply. The act is dynamic, specially curated for the event and is the main focus and therefore pacts a powerful wow factor.


•Aerial bartending is a unique way to treat your guests to libations of your choosing and will add a touch of unique glamour to your event.

I want a group of variety performers. Can you help with that? 


Mimi can coordinate additional performers and cirque-style acts of other types, such as stilt walkers, hoop dancers, fire artists, or jugglers. 


All acts can be altered to fit a specific theme or concept. 

It’s up to you how you would like to customize these options, as far as number of sets, style, or even music. Contact Mimi to start designing your event. 

What about insurance?


Mimi has full-coverage performers insurance from Specialty Insurance--the industry standard for freelance aerialists. Insurance certificates will be provided upon request.

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