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Mimi began sharing her yoga practice with her students in 2010. She received her initial 200 hour certification in the tradition of Tantric Hatha yoga and Hot 26.  She later discovered her affinity for Ashtanga during her Rocket Vinyasa teacher training. This sparked a drive to visit Mysore, India, the epicenter of Ashtanga where she studied under the guidance of BNS Iyengar, Vijay Kumar and Saraswati Jois. During her trips she was fortunate to spend her afternoons with philosophy teachers, Dr. M.A Jayashree and Professor M.A. Narasimhan who instilled in her the love of chanting through sruti parampara. 
Mimi's approach to teaching is shaped by her somatic work in Skinner Release Technique, Alexander Technique and studies with Tim Feldmann, Mary Taylor, Richard Freeman and many other teachers on and off the mat. 

Students can expect a practice that emphasizes breath and energetic awareness, tailored to the season, time of day and energy of the space. Her classes range from grounding introspection to more dynamic, heated flows.  Mimi  credits the practice of yoga for keeping her body safe and balanced for the rigors of dancing through the air.

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